A Prompt for Healing

Hi there. Nice to meet you. I’m Jess, you haven’t seen me here before, unless you’ve read this.

Writing these days doesn’t come as easy to me as it used to. By the end of the work day and after a full evening of cooking and mom-ing, I am mentally tapped out, choosing to pick up a game controller or my smartphone instead of a journal. However, that’s not the best excuse. Women have done more with less. So I am making it my New Year’s Resolution to both read and write more.

I recently joined a writing group on Facebook, and I was given a prompt to write a four stanza poem on healing. Here’s my rough draft:

Threads and Appetizers

Are you hungry? Yeah, I can eat
We sidestep holes beneath our feet

A terse dinner with eyes on plates

No acknowledgement of the rips we spake
The tension thick and peace in shatters
The fabric of our marriage tattered
A nibble here, a big gulp there
China’s clink muffling despair
The endless silence is broken in
With a PPFFT as the dog lets wind
Reluctant giggles and hesitant snorts
Laughter reminds us of what we did this for
With a patch of cloth, a spool of thread
We take back all the words we’ve said
We weave our apologies and then
This relationship is on the mend
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