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After graduating from Liberty University Online, Holley wanted nothing more than to find a career field in which she could be constantly creative. After some searching, she wound up as a Learning Program Specialist in Tallahassee, FL. In her current role, she happily creates training materials: from videos, to infographics, to entire e-learning courses. Holley’s creativity isn’t bound to the office, though. Whether designing a logo for her church’s website, fashioning a vinyl shirt design for her latest Disney escapade, or typing out her random thoughts for this lovely blog, Holley seeks to add her unique, whimsical flair to any project she can.


Jessica PhotoWhat do you call someone who has been a collegiate weather girl, a digital reporter, a project manager, a communications strategy manager and an office manager? Some might say that person has no clue what they want to be when they grow up. While this may be true, Jess prefers to call herself the Jess of all Trades. You might also say she’s a video game character, randomly taking quests to gain experience and skills. Jess currently serves as a data analyst, but nothing she writes is ever by the numbers. A longtime writer with a love of poetry, fruit trivia and the Moana soundtrack, her posts are a box of chocolates — you never know what you’re going to get.


Preferring to refer to herself in emoticons and the 3rd person, Martha is most accurately described as a Salvador Dali painting come to life. You like it, you’re just unsure as to why. When not working as an office administrator, Martha reflects on her life choices and hangs out with her magical menagerie of cats, dog, and fishes; and her boyfriend. Lover of sci-fi and fantasy, she fangirls over J.R.R. Tolkien and Douglas Adams. While living vicariously through her characters she is of the devout opinion that writing should be the most honest reflection of an individual’s soul.
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