Ghost Writer

Prompted by: “Imagine an invisible ghost picks up a pen and starts writing to you.”

You’re like a ghost, my secret writer

Flame is burning like a lighter

Time goes by, you just get brighter

Now connected with soul fiber


I don’t think that you’re a ghost, my friend

Just someone lost in the tesseract bend

I leave out paper and my favorite pen

You write the words that cut my soul again


Some how, some way you’ve been caught between

No one could understand the things you mean

I only now do through the words I’ve seen

Through your eloquence, it’s so serene


I really think your soul could use some peace

Don’t want you caged and so I call release

One hand of mine does want a missing piece

The smarter me just wants your pain to cease


In this crazy-dramatic like a new movie

The pen keeps fluttering as you move through me

Your words they whisper that you need to see

A way back home to where you really should be


I’ll bury my head in all the pages

Read all of the words built over ages

To get you home I’ll be outrageous

Just please remember what my name is





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