When Sleep Lacks

Continuing the #NaPoWriMo festivities!

Today’s prompt: “What ideas and feelings keep you up at night? What’s it like when you have to wake up in the morning on a night you can’t sleep?

These thoughts keep me awake as they buzz about my head

Questioning, turning, wondering if my dreams are dead

Is there more, I want to know, than I’ve been banking for

Is my time and money useless, simply rusting on the floor?


Am I burying my talent before it has a chance to bloom

Is there more I should be doing than just laying in this room

At what point is my exhaustion both well-earned and well-deserved?

At what point am I just lazy and avoiding what’s perturbed?


Am I wasting time with questions as I ponder and remind

Or do my thoughts abate decisions that would prove far less than kind

Will a future unearth before me, or do I have to go and look

Should I sing or should I paint, should I teach or write a book?


I know a share of trades, but a master I am none

Is that because I need some time, or is my chance already done

I know my purpose overall but it views like a fuzzy line

I can’t keep being afraid because it’s wasting all my time


Through it all I keep on thinking about the hours wasted by

I don’t function well on lack of sleep, I need a heaping of shut-eye

I’ll awaken the next morning: yawning, rubbing at my eye

I don’t count minutes as I toss, so I can’t tell the time goodbye



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