Prison Jar

Plucking flowers and leaves

Think I have everything I’d need

But I softly fade, like the clippings you drop in


Pixies dim when they are sad

But I have no telling light like that

I plead through the opaque glass, but don’t catch your eye


Do you know as you rest on your pillow

Placing my prison jar gently in arms reach

Do you know as your dreams soar through the ceiling

That I’m alone, though you are near, I’m incomplete


Morning comes, I feel the sunrays

I slowly rise: trembling, I pace

I’m losing air, and the boundary seems greater now


Sleepy eyes greet me through the shine

Smile turned frown, I’m borrowed time

Hurriedly you take the lid and cast it to the floor


Do you know that I will never hate you

Gentle thoughts, but far too much, you’ve hurt my tender form

Do you know I’m grateful you’ve released me

I’ll never tell, it might be well too late to “save me” more

A #NaPoWriMo piece inspired by the prompt: “Imagine you are a tiny person, who has been captured and put into a jar for display or science”



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