The Crown I’d Wear

#NaPoWriMo continues!

Today’s prompt: “Imagine you, but in a completely different life based on making a different decision that impacted everything else.”

I’m not generally one who looks back regretting.  I like to think that all roads, good and bad, have led me and are leading me in a specific direction. Plus: in the movies, changing things doesn’t generally turn out for the better.  I’ll keep my lot and work with what I’m given.  Ever forward!

I decided to live out a semi-dream of mine for the sake of the prompt, though on record – I wouldn’t go back and change anything.  Honestly, this dream was a passing thought that maybe could have gone somewhere. God only knows ~

*Here ends the explanation that is 10 times longer than the poem itself.*

The Crown I’d Wear

Beastly palace home

Forty hours I’d give my smiles

Memories they keep



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